Handcrafted Travel with EQUINOX

Equinox, founded in 1991 is a family owned destination management company based in New Delhi. We at Equinox endeavour to hand‐craft itineraries, for those who enjoy the Art of Travel. Equinox translates aesthetically for our guests the ancient Indian heritage with its unbroken traditions of 5000 years.

Our bespoke approach to service ensures that each traveller gets a handcrafted experience that is unique in its creation and curation. We seek to entice emotions and take great pride in presenting you not just the highlights but also the hidden gems of India. With Equinox, India transcends the idea of being a destination. It is an experience. It is alive; present in the smiles of its inhabitants, flowing through its scared rivers, resounding chants of Himalayan monks, at the feet of a dancer, moving with the caravans of gypsies in the desert…

Equinox has been endorsed by National Geographic and Conde Nast Travel for their impeccable customer service and portfolio of products.

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New Delhi : +91 11 – 4355 9409 / 4355 9408 | Mobile : +91 9899448872
USA : +1 (551) 287 9131 | Europe : +39 342 000 4205

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