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Royal Weddings and renewal of vows

An Indian wedding is a grand event that creates gaiety not just in the family but in the entire community. We at Equinox can create the magic of ceremony and pomp to celebrate special moments with your loved one. Be it a an intimate ceremony in a village temple or a grand affair in a Maharaja’s palace. Perfect for a Honeymoon couple or a special wedding anniversary!


Diwali is almost like our version of Christmas & known as the festival of light. From Royal palaces to homes beautifully decorated. Streets & local markets are abuzz with activity & are beautifully decorated with strings of lights. We at Equinox invite you to celebrate this festival starting from the morning prayer ceremony in a local temple to an intimate dinner celebration & inclusion in rituals at the home of an Indian family.


Explore the traditional Indian medicinal value of Ayurveda that originated in India thousands of years ago, or simply indulge in luxury spa treatments, yoga and meditation. Equinox has handpicked wellness centres varying from absolutely simplistic rustic centres to ultimate luxury resorts offering authentic healing therapies to rejuvenate ones body and mind from the daily chaos of life.

Holi - Festival of colours

As the brief spring warms the landscape, northern India cuts loose for a day of fun and floric. The festival of Holi is celebrated on the day after the full moon in early March every year. Today Holi is an excuse for Indians to shed inhibitions and caste differences for a day of spring fever and fun. People greet each other with brightly colored powder (gulal) . It is one of the major festivals in India and is celebrated with great pomp. Celebrate intimately with an Indian family or at a larger celebration in a Maharaja palace!


Kerala is called the land of Gods and it lives up to its name. The land is known for its elaborate customs to keep the gods happy. One such tradition is known as Pooram. Imagine a procession of dozen elephants lined up in their ceremonial finery and scores of drum players and priests leading on. A spectacle that brings back the pages of history and myth to life.

Art Trails and Tales

Art has been deeply rooted in the Indian psyche. Examples of decorative arts have been found ever since the first civilization flourished on the banks of its mighty rivers. A significant development took place in the realms of murals, textile, stone crafts, metal craft, painting, music, pottery and dance. A chance to understand the history, mythology, socio – economic- political scenarios that have resulted in the birth and sustenance of art and craft forms. Equinox offers an exclusive access to visit artist and artisan studios.


India, one of the oldest civilizations on the planet, with diverse cultural history, inhabited by multiple races, religions, and languages is a goldmine for the study of architectural evolution throughout history. From the prehistoric ingenious of the Indus valley sites to the temples of south India and the magnificent Mughal monuments. Each transition or inclusion of new culture has created an impact on Indian architecture and art. One can easily see the different architectural styles reflecting in the buildings all over the country.

Durga Puja

The eastern part of India follows the cult of Durga the fierce mother goddess. Every year around October the region dedicates 5 days to their beloved mother goddess and it is a celebration of gargantuan proportions. Elaborate temporary temple structures are erected each with a different theme. Inside is placed the idol of the goddess where prayers are offered by the devotees.


Meticulously planned and researched for professionals and photography enthusiasts alike. Complimenting the diversity of India and capturing it through a lense. Whether it is a cultural tour documenting highlight monuments, life of nomads, colourful temples, mountains to monasteries, vibrant city life or untouched rural villages we handcraft a curated tour for shutterbugs.


The culmination on the tenth day of Maha Navratri, Dussehra is celebrated to signify victory of good over evil. A performance of Ramlila precedes the burning of larger than life size effigies of the10-headed demon king Ravanain a symbolic celebration.


Carefully curating intimate experiences from visiting the TajMahal exclusively on a full moon night, stay at a luxurious Maharaja palace in the middle of a lake, take some quiet time during a sunset hike, for the more intrepid traveller explore Indias wildlife and mighty mountains or simply lie back on a sun kissed beach.


The 15-day Losar festival signifies the advent of the Tibetan New Year. Traditional ceremonies, masked dances, passing of fire torches and monks chanting add to the joyfulness. Families and friends come together and cook elaborate meals as they dance and sing in merriment.


Native to Kerala, Pulikali is a traditional art form celebrated as part of the Onam festival. Literally translated as 'play of the tigers', dancers adorn tiger masks and attire. Performers enact scenes and dance during the procession most prominently held in the Thissur district of the state.

Footsteps of Buddhism

First introduced in India in 6th Century BC by Siddharta Gautama, today there is a popular revival of the philosophy not only in India but across the world. You will find the ruins of Sarnath where Buddha gave his first sermon, the beautiful Himalayan towm of Dharamsala now the home of His Holiness Dalai Lama and Tibetans in exhile, high mountains scattered with untouched Buddhist monasteries, meditation centres in bustling cities, retreat centres with a combination of yoga, meditation and Buddhist teachings. At Equinox we curate an experience in Buddhism from a one time private interaction with a monk to a carefully handcrafted tour following the footsteps of Buddha visiting monasteries.


KumbhMela, the largest peaceful congregation of pilgrims on earth. People congregate to perform the simple act of bathing in the holy river Ganges. It is believed one is freed from sins liberating themselves from the cycle of birth and death. Millions of people reach the place without any invitation. The congregation includes ascetics, saints, sadhus and devotees. KumbhMela plays a central spiritual role in the country, exerting a mesmeric influence on ordinary Indians. So come experience this ancient pilgrimage in India. It is best to visit the event on certain dates that are considered auspicious for bathing.

Spice Kitchen

A great variety of herbs and spices are used in Indian cooking for flavor, to aid digestion, for medicinal purposes and coloring. Follow the journey of spices from the Malabar coast, indulge in custom cooking lessons, insightful tea tasting and get to know Indias history and local culture thorugh its varied cuisine. Equinox can curate for you an unforgettable gastronomical journey from food walks to handpicked restaurants, visiting local vegetable and fruit markets to catching fish with local fisherman.


30,000 year old Paleolithic and Neolithic cave paintings of Bhimbetka rock shelters already show the first traces of musical instuments and dance in India. Indian music has a history of spanning over a millennia and is a major part of the socio-religious life of its people. Whether it's a music festival set within a 17th century palace, a gathering of sufi soul singers, artists and poets set under the open skies of the desert of Rajasthan, or an interest in personal interaction or intimate audience with a classical musician. Equinox creates a niche perfect for lovers of music, travel and culture.


Traditionally practiced in Kerala’s North Malabar region, Theyyam is essentially part of a modern folk religion rooted in ancient tradition where gods speak to the people through oracles. The colourful masked dance depicting folklore characters is performed before the village shrine and accompanied by elaborate rites and rituals.These oracles are elaborately dressed sometimes with 10 foot high head gears and intricately painted faces. They communicate and prophesize through dance. The entire village gathers at the local shrine to see their beloved gods come to life and enthrall them with their majesty.

Family Travel

A chance to explore as a family and discover new horizons together. Equinox carefully handcrafts experiences for each member of the family from grandparents to children. An elephant ride in the wild, a Bollywood dance class, crossing language barriers and making new friends in rural villages, visiting local schools and curated experiences that allow each family to create unforgettable memories on their travels.

Exclusive Private Charter

Equinox offers a wide selection of aircrafts for your convenience. We continue to strive to upgrade our charter services in order to achieve the highest standards of safety, reliability and comfort. Our charters connect remote jungles and other areas that do not have easy accessibility and does away with the stress of long drives.